The perfect fit for your cab renovation

The precise engineering of our C-Look™ System provides durability and a superior fit and finish for your elevator cab interior.

Features of the C-Look™ System:


1. Innovative Ceiling Options

ECR offers a wide selection of custom-designed ceilings to meet even the most demanding design needs.

2. Patent Pending C-Look™ Extrusion

Protects panel edges.
Black “glass reinforced” polycarbonate inlay.

3. Handrail

Bolted securely through cab shell.
Removable from inside cab.

4. Removable Stainless Steel Kick Plate

Removable without removing the panels for floor work.

Why replace a panel when you can just flip it?

Thanks to the C-Look’s™ unique dual-sided panels, you can save time and money when you need to replace a damaged panel. Simply remove the damaged panel, flip it over, and set it back into place – your cab’s as good as new!


A damaged cab panel would normally require replacement


With C-Look© you need only remove the panel, flip it over, and re-install.


Your C-Look™ looks as good as the day you installed it.