Any elevator can easily be renovated using the
A-Look™ Panel Fitment System

The A-Look™ Panel Fitment System is an ideal solution for cab interior renovations, elevator modernization projects, and new cab installations. The ECR team is committed to working with installers providing the necessary training and support to ensure successful installations and satisfied clients.

Features of the A-Look™ Panel Fitment System:

1. Innovative Ceiling Options

ECR offers a wide selection of custom-designed ceilings to meet even the most demanding design needs.

2. Patented A-Look™ Extrusion

Protects panel edges.

3. Edging Extrusion

Protects vertical panel edges.

4. Handrail

Bolted securely through cab shell.
Removable from inside cab.

5. Removable Stainless Steel Kick Plate

Removable without removing the panels for floor work

ECR’s pre-fabricated elevator cabs are manufactured to individual specifications provided by our clients.

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